Howard helps family get thousands back from man preying on illegal immigrants

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NEW YORK— Anna and others in her family are here illegally.  Plenty of Americans think it’s wrong for them to be in the United States.  But that doesn’t mean they should be ripped off by characters preying on people in their situation.

So it was for Anna and her family.  We told you how they gave a total of $18,730 to a guy named Rajesh Jhangdhaharie.  He promised them green cards and work permits. They had a dream of being made legal.  But that was 5 and half years ago.  And all they have to show for it is $1,500 Rajesh returned.

“I guess he just used us to get the money to pay other people,” Anna told me.

Anna and I went looking for Rajesh.  His landlord says he’s owed money, too and told us Rajesh was in Trinidad.  When I called there someone hung up on me.  So I called his wife.  She said Anna would get the money back.

Then I exchanged some communications with attorney Lawrence Fisher.  He wanted us to kill the story in exchange for the repayment.  Sorry, counselor, we don’t work that way.
But in the end he and Rajesh did the right thing.  Anna and her relatives went over to Mr. Fisher’s office and received a check for all they were owed: $17.230.

“We got back our money every penny in cash.Thanks very much, Mr. Howard.”

We’re not justifying people being here illegally.  We are standing up against rip-offs, no matter who the victims are.