NOAA releases prediction of 2015-2016 Winter season

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NEW YORK — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, has released its outlook for the upcoming winter season today. Climate forecasters are looking at El Nino to be the driving force during the winter season.

For our area, NOAA believes that there will be better chance, around 33-40 percent chance that temperatures will be warmer than normal. In terms of precipitation, forecasters believe that there will be 33-50 percent chance that it will be wetter than average.

noaa 2

While this type of outlook does not look like it would favor for a snowy pattern, it doesn’t mean that Winter 2015-2016 will be totally devoid of the frozen stuff. New York’s National Weather Service reminds that these seasonal outlooks do not project when and where snowstorms may hit and provide total seasonal snowfall accumulations.

Earlier this year, Mr. G gave his outlook which more or less coincides with NOAA’s prediction. He expects it to be warmer than normal temperatures. In terms of precipitation, he expects more rain than snow. All that being said, several shots of cold and snow events cannot be ruled out

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