Brooklyn restaurant offers part ownership if you eat this 30-pound burrito

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PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn — Mexican restaurants are a dime a dozen, especially in a city like New York, but there’s only one where you can order a 30-pound burrito and walk away owning a piece of the joint.

Don Chingon on Flatbush Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is challenging its customers to the "El Gran Chingon." It is a monster and if you completely eat it within an hour, you can own up to 10 percent of the restaurant and free food for life.

Co-owner Victor Robey said the concept came in part from the restaurant’s desire to serve up the best in Mexican cuisine and with doing so – it had to serve up the best eating challenge ever.

So what’s inside?

“Crispy carnitas, we have premium carne asada, marinated chicken, as well as our chorizo, rice, about three and a half pounds of salsa, 3 and a half pounds of cheese and the tortilla itself weighs about 6 pounds,” Robey explained to PIX11 News.

For those brave enough to take the challenge, there are a few rules.

The big ones include: you have to pay for the burrito which will cost you $150, you’re not allowed any bathroom breaks whatsoever and you have to finish it within an hour.

For more information, visit their website.

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