VIDEO: Rat takes down pigeon in epic battle on Brooklyn sidewalk

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WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn –Move over Pizza Rat, there’s a new alpha rodent in town.

In a nearly 3-minute video uploaded on YouTube by John Freud, a feisty rat can be seen sparring with a pigeon in the battle for New York City’s unofficial mascot.

While the pigeon tries to escape, the smaller rat successfully takes it down and carries its victim up a stoop on a Brooklyn sidewalk. All this as humans standing less than a couple of feet film the entire encounter in awe, cheering on the unlikely hero.

“You only see this in New York,” one of the onlookers said.

“I’m telling you New York has genetically mutated rats,” another said. “They [have] superpowers. This is insane.”

It’s unclear if the pigeon died in the incident.

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