Iconic Katz Delicatessen to open new location in Brooklyn

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BROOKLYN -- It was just a regular Wednesday afternoon at Katz Delicatessen: crowds three and four deep waiting in line to get their hands on a sandwich piled at least five layers high.

"I was just really impressed from the whole process, from the boiling, the smoking, the absolute time that it takes and the passion that these people have I guess," said Tak Nakano.

Nakano came all the way from Australia to get his hands on one of the world famous sandwiches and he was not disappointed.

"Love every single bit of it. With the mustard as well, aw man, it just goes so good."

"We're a novelty man. The pastrami is the best thing in the world," said Katz employee Eddie Carter.

Carter has been carving up sandwiches at the Deli for the last 15 years. But the Brooklyn native was thrilled to hear that king of the pastrami will soon have a new home in the county of kings.

"Brooklyn's a happening spot man, everybody's coming to Brooklyn."

While so many of Katz's Customers are tourists, fifth-generation owner Jake Dell says there are plenty of New York regulars who trek to Lower East Side Location.

"We have generations of customers that have been coming here, eating our food and it gets harder and harder to come down here, come down to the Lower East Side. So by going to Brooklyn we can bring the food just a little bit closer," said Dell.

Next fall, Katz will become one of more than 50 vendors at Dekalb Market Hall at City Point -- meaning people in Brooklyn will finally be able to have what she's having.

The move will be the first expansion for the deli since it opened in 1917. Some in the neighborhood say it could be a challenge for other Brooklyn eating landmarks in the area.

"Junior's, yeah. That's going to be a competition. Without a doubt," said Stanley O'Neil.

But with development underway throughout the neighborhood, most think they'll be plenty of business to go around.

"With the Barclays Center and all, they'll do well," said O'Neil.

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