‘Are you serious?’ American Airlines passengers boo flight crew for kicking woman off plane

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A group of angry American Airlines passengers banded together to collectively shame a flight crew for trying to kick a sobbing woman off the plane.

The pilot was waiting to take off in Phoenix, bound for Portland, when the incident began.

Footage taken by a man sitting next to the woman doesn’t show much, but the voices of the distraught woman and flight attendants can be heard clearly.

The woman was tossed from the plane after she failed to hear a flight attendant’s directive to clear the aisle before takeoff, according to KATU News.

“Are you serious?” the crying woman asks in the video.  “I didn’t even know he was talking to me.  This can’t be legal, I didn’t do anything.”

The other passengers could be heard saying, “Shame on American!” and “Screw this airline!” before joining in a chorus of boos.

In the end, she was escorted off the plane after a female flight attendant told her, “If you don’t come off, I’m going to have to call the officers.”

“Never again,” one passenger says.

The man filming the exchange, Bill Byrne, told the station, “I’ve seen people who deserve that, but never have I actually seen anyone thrown off the plane.”

An American Airlines spokesman told PIX11 in a statement, “We’re looking into the incident to better understand what happened. The passenger was rebooked on the next flight to Portland.”