Eat a 30-pound burrito — get 10 percent ownership of Brooklyn taqueria Don Chingon

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PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn — Mexican restaurant Don Chingon is offering 10 percent ownership of the restaurant to the first customer who finishes a 30-pound burrito and a spicy margarita.

Don Chingon, a taqueria that opened in Park Slope in August, is challenging their customers to “The Grand Chingon Challenge,” The Daily Meal reported.

Participants have to finish a 30-pound burrito, consisting of steak, chicken, pork, rice, beans and salsa, and a margarita, made with the extremely spicy ghost pepper, in an hour.

The meal isn’t free though. Participants have to pay $150 before getting their massive burrito. Once they start eating, they can’t leave to use the bathroom, start tearing up or sniffling from a runny nose.

For those who dare to take on the burrito challenge, the restaurant said it’s not responsible for anyone’s death or illness caused by the challenge.

It’s a hefty price for a person’s body and wallet, but whoever’s the first to successfully complete it, can call him or herself a part-restaurant owner.

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