New Jersey homeowner defends ISIS Halloween decorations after being harassed, display vandalized

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BUTLER, N.J. — A horrifying Halloween display in New Jersey was removed after the man responsible said he was harassed and saw his front lawn vandalized.

The props on a front lawn on Cleary Avenue in Butler, N.J. included an Islamic State prisoner bleeding in a cage, a masked ISIS warrior clutching a machete and President Barack Obama armed in ISIS attire.

Neighbors said they’re happy to see the inappropriate decorations go.

“I don’t think those kinds of decorations are called for for Halloween,” said Steve Huguenel.

The homeowner behind the decorations said he took them down last night after he received threats and saw some of the props stolen. He did not wish to identify himself today, but said that he has gone to the police.

“If people think that’s the American thing to do is to harass people and force them to take down something that’s on their property, that is their right to have up, just cause they happen to be offended by it, than they’re not much better than ISIS because ISIS tries to suppress people and their beliefs,” the homeowner said.

Others insisted that Halloween is meant for kids and politics should be left out of it.

“I don’t think there is any reason for it. ISIS is not in the United States. And I don’t care who the President is, you don’t disrespect him like that,” said Huguenel.

The man who created the display said that the decorations were up last year also and that he may put them back out closer to Halloween. He argued that the message behind the set up is anti-ISIS and said it’s his first amendment right to put what he wants on his front lawn.

Referring to the alleged harassment, he added, "They can do whatever they want to do but if they get caught they’re gonna have charges pressed against them.”

Security cameras have been installed to safeguard the house.

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