Mother posts picture of baby surrounded by IVF syringes to show ‘joys and pains’ of conceiving

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A mother who used in vitro fertilization shots to have a baby, showed the “joys and pains” of conceiving by posting a picture of her daughter surrounded by IVF vials and syringes.

Angela Nicole, 42, said she decided to use IVF shots after she went through several failed intrauterine inseminations (IUIs), according to the Daily Dot. Over a year and a half, she went through five rounds of IVF shots. Nicole saved every vial and syringe during the process.

Nicole finally conceived and gave birth to a baby girl named Sophia. To show her love for her daughter and the extensive process she went through to have her, Nicole took a picture of 4-month-old Sophia surrounded by the vials and syringes used during the IVF.

“I thought this would be a good way to both remind myself what I went through to have Sophia, and show her some of what her mommy endured to bring her into this world,” Nicole told the Daily Dot.

Sher Institutes, the fertility clinic Nicole used in St. Louis, shared the photo on its Facebook page on Monday. It has received over 14,000 likes since Sunday.

Some mothers who also went through IVF, commented on the picture with their support and experience.

“Wow!!! My IVF baby is 4.5 now. Worth every single shot, pill, sonogram, blood draw…you name it. Would do it over again in a heartbeat for my precious son,” a mother commented.

The photo also received some backlash from viewers.

“Surround a new born with syringes. Very safe,” another woman commented.

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