Subway weekend work compounds challenges for riders with mobility issues

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Getting around the subway beginning this weekend is going to be a headache.  Scheduled service on multiple lines will be rerouting trains causing stress for commuters. Sixteen subway lines are slated for service changes this weekend.

But for one man who uses a motor scooter, he fears he will never get back home on the subway.

"It’s a big world, all different types of people here," said Byron Breeze, who spoke to PIX11 News about the challenges that he and other people with limited mobility always face in the subway.  "I’ve been living in New York since 2002 and it’s been the same way — nothing has changed," Breeze said.

He can never get off at his Dyckman Street subway station when coming from downtown because there’s no elevator on that side.  He ends up having to add another 30 minutes to his commute by going to the end of the line, then returning on a  southbound.

Now he’s worried that upcoming scheduled maintenance service on multiple tracks could leave him stuck on the trains.

The MTA told PIX11  the agency understands the frustration, and said more than 100 subway stations are being revamped to make them more handicap accessible.

But for Byron he says he’s lost faith in the rail system.