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London woman uses Facebook to find man who defended her after she was groped

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LONDON — A man defended a woman who was groped by a stranger on a bus Tuesday night, and she’s using Facebook to thank the man who stood up for her.

Kaitlyn Regehr, 30, was on the bus back to her home in west London when a stranger grabbed her inappropriately. She didn’t say anything to the offender and walked away, she told Buzzfeed.

“I know that sounds ridiculous, [but] I did what most women would do, just move away, and hope that he doesn’t get off the bus and follow you,” she said in the interview.

A bystander on the bus saw and didn’t want the crime to go unnoticed. He went up to the offender and told him what he did to Regehr was inappropriate. The man said it loud enough for everyone on the bus to hear. He didn’t stop there though.

The man continued to ask the offender about the women in his life, questioning him about how he would feel if someone groped a woman he knew.

“You said, ‘She could be your sister. She is someone’s sister,’ and in doing so you made me a person. You made us a community,” Regehr said on Facebook.

“I thank you not just because you stood up for me, or because you made me feel safe, but because on your transit home – in this big, potentially anonymous city – you humanized assault. You didn’t turn away. You took a stand. You said something.”

Regehr said she didn’t get a chance to thank the man who spoke out after the incident. She took to Facebook to give him the ultimate thank you and also to attempt to find and meet him in person.

Regehr commented on her Facebook post why she wants to meet the man, who stood up for her, in person

Regehr commented on her Facebook post why she wants to meet the man, who stood up for her, in person

“Please, let’s all endeavour to ‘say something,’ please share, and please help me find this awesome dude so I can buy him a pint!” Regehr said.

Regehr told Buzzfeed she’s been assaulted on public transportation before, but this is the the first time someone intervened and stood up for her.

Her Facebook post has received of 79,000 likes and 43,000 shares since Friday. Regehr said she hopes the shares will help her find the mystery man.