Emotional moment Johnny Hincapie, accused of ’90 NYC tourist murder, is released from prison

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NEW YORK -- Tears flowed as Johnny Hincapie was released from prison 25 years after the infamous murder of a Utah tourist that evidence shows he did not commit.

"I hope there's seafood," Hincapie said about his first night free. Tomorrow, he said he will start thinking about the new trial the judge granted him.

Earlier Tuesday, the judge threw out the conviction of Hincapie and agreed to release him while awaiting a new trial.

The case helped crystallize an era of crime and fear in the nation's biggest city.

A Manhattan judge overturned Johnny Hincapie's conviction Tuesday after a monthslong hearing on the 1990 death of Brian Watkins, of Provo, Utah.

Watkins was killed defending his parents from a subway-platform mugging while the family was visiting for the U.S. Open tennis tournament.

An exonerated co-defendant and a witness who came forward in the last two years said Hincapie played no part in the attack. He said his confession was coerced.

Prosecutors said there was "no credible newly discovered evidence."