Freeport braces for nasty weather as flooding begins

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FREEPORT, Long Island— Heavy rain is flooding many parts of our area, including Freeport in Nassau County on a strip called Nautical Mile.

The street is loaded with bars, but when it rains along with high tide, all that water from the canal winds up inside businesses and washes out roads.

The rain has been so aggressive that it even took a mail truck off its route.

But neighbors say this difficult water is nothing new, and that often on rainy days with high tide, flooding is normal.

But it is getting worse even though this road has been raised since past hurricanes.

"We're all crazy to stay down here," says Al Grover a Freeport business owner.

Grover has owned several businesses along this street for more than 50 years, and says every year the floods are sending repair cost through the roof.

"We lifted a lot of our buildings.  We jacked them up.  We raised the kitchens and rooms but we get another Sandy we're in big trouble," says Grover.

The current rain and threat of Joaquin has put all area's in our region on alert.  But officials say previous storms have actually allowed them to be more prepared.

"As we learned with super storm sandy it is better to be cautious and prepared them be caught unexpected," says Steven Bellone Suffolk County Executive.

Trucks on Jones Beach all day moving sand to prevent possible flooding.  But even the best preps aren't a slam dunk on fighting floods, especially for those who live on the front line.
"You don't have to have a hurricane all you need is a full moon and a northeast storm and you get a flood," says Grover.

State parks are delivering a warning too, saying to watch out for flooding in their grounds this weekend, and if your driving anywhere over the next few days, best advice slow down.

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