Boy, 6, undergoes surgery for ‘elf ears’ after being bullied by classmates

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — A 6-year-old Utah boy underwent cosmetic surgery after he said he was being bullied by classmates who often called him “elf ears.”

Gage Berger told Inside Edition that he dreaded going to school because of the mean things kids said about his ears, which protruded from his head.

“I just don’t want to be made fun of,” Gage said.

His parents, Tim and Kallie, feared the bullying could permanently damage his self-esteem, so they went to a facial plastic surgeon, who pinned his ears back in a two-hour surgery.

“He just gets really down on himself and he thinks, ‘I’m not good enough,’” the mother said.

Two days later the bandages came off.

When Gage saw his ears, he excitedly exclaimed, “Oh, my gosh!”

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