Aer Lingus flight grounded at JFK after reported hydraulic problems

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An Aer Lingus flight was grounded after a problem with the hydraulic system. (Photo: Patrick Dyer Wolf)

An Aer Lingus flight was grounded after a problem with the hydraulic system. (Photo: Patrick Dyer Wolf)

QUEENS— A commercial plane was grounded at JFK after experiencing hydraulic failure.

The Aer Lingus Boeing 757 was heading to Shanon, Ireland Monday evening out of JFK Airport when the plane’s landing gear experienced problems.

Patrick Dyer Wolf, a passenger on the flight said the plane took off without a problem. About half an hour into the flight, the crew made an announcement regarding the problem and that they’d circle back to JFK.

Port Authority spokesman Joe Pentangelo says the jet’s rear brakes overheated during the faster than normal landing, causing a small fire in the landing gear compartment.

Shortly before the plane landed, an announcement was made on the plane alerting passengers that fire crews would be on the tarmac when they arrived.

“Firefighters immediately drove over and doused the plane,” said Dyer Wolf.

Dyer Wolf said that despite a bumpy landing, passengers were kept calm by the Aer Lingus crew.

“The landing was bumpy but not out of control,” said Dyer Wolf.

Passengers were bused to a nearby terminal where they were given food vouchers as they waited for an announcement about their flight. Dyer Wolf tells PIX11 the airline announced they would reimburse the cost of the flight for passengers. The airline is also putting passengers in hotels.

No injuries were reported.

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