Pope Francis’ interpreter becomes unlikely star during historic papal visit

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NEW YORK — If you haven’t noticed by now, Pope Francis has a rather large entourage traveling with him here in the United States.

We’re talking about an estimated 100 people, all accompanying him to make his voyage as smooth as possible.

His papal posse included one man who hasn’t left the pontiff’s side — his official interpreter Monsignor Mark Miles.

Ever since the pope’s arrival on Wednesday, online chatter has focused on his so-called “wingman,” who appears in every single photo op with his Holiness.

So who is he?

Monsignor Miles is a native of the British territory of Gibraltar and speaks both English and Spanish. He’s been the man who Pope Francis has leaned heavily on to effectively spread his message.

The pope, who was born in Argentina and is fluent in both Spanish and Italian, has yet to master the English language.

It was during a recent trip to the Philippines where he summoned Monsignor Miles to be his voice for the people.

Soon after the first few appearances, the 48-year-old Monsignor became a star in the with the Filipino press.

Some fans launched Facebook fan pages and others created elaborate Instagram collages which pointed out his apparent “cutest dimple ever.”

With the Pope expected to deliver a number of addresses in the next few days — with only four in English — we’ll be seeing a lot more of Monsignor Miles.

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