SEE IT: Bystanders beat man unconscious to end suspected drug-fueled rampage

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WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — This video clip represents just how much New York City has changed, and how in some respect it’s still very much the same.

The man in the light colored T-shirt and blue jeans was high on something and for more than two minutes of a condensed clip originally posted on Reddit, he’s seen acting out of control.

He's seen grabbing and violently harassing several people, including a deliveryman on a bike and at least two drivers, along a five-block stretch of Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg.

“No, he was totally on a drug. I don’t know what. But it clearly was not alcohol. You could see in his eyes, there was nothing there,” bartender Aymeric Visinet said.

We initially mentioned the video highlighting just how much this neighborhood has changed. Why? Because odds are, in the Williamsburg of 25 years ago, several people likely would have converged on this guy in five seconds flat to put an end to his shenanigans.

“I wasn’t expecting him to throw a chair at me. So everything went really fast,” said eyewitness Emeric Trahand.

Then again, Trahand, who nearly caught an office chair to the face while trying to come to the aid of a young lady, says the crazy guy was no ordinary drunk.

“When you looked in his eyes, you know, there was something different I’ve never seen before. Like he was not there anymore. He was like, he was a beast - he was on a rampage. He was trying to kill people, so, yeah,” said Trahand.

But on the other hand while New York City has changed, there’s still a limit to how much New Yorkers are going to tolerate.

In this case, two bystanders answered the call and beat the menacing man senseless until he was unconscious.

You don’t see the police getting involved in the condensed two and a half minute clip.

In fact, eyewitnesses say no officers responded during the man’s rampage 15 minute rampage.

By the time police did arrive, the man was unconscious, beaten and face down on the street a few blocks away. He was then strapped into a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

The NYPD says it’s aware of the video and investigating but we still don’t know the man’s name, or what he was on. The good news, none of the people he encountered appeared to be seriously hurt.

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