Teen criticizes President Obama for inviting clock-making whiz kid to White House

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TEXAS – While one teen is sulking in his newfound attention from the Commander-in-Chief, another is criticizing him for his decision to invite him over at Pennsylvania Avenue.

Few days ago, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed burst into the national spotlight for an invention that got him arrested and suspended from school.

His story sparked support and even an invite to the White House from President Obama.

However, one teen from Texas is not a fan of his decision.

CJ Pearson, 13, is trending because of a video he posted on to his website and Facebook.

He says the White House invite is double standard.

The teen has never been a fan of the President and this is the latest in a series of videos in which the teen takes aim at the administration.

According to his website, Pearson is the national chairman of Teens for Ted– a group backing Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz for President.

For his part, Ahmed said he will accept the president's invitation, which was posted on Twitter.

Irvin, Texas police say they do not plan to pursue criminal charges against Ahmed.

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