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New Jersey brewery prepares pope-inspired beer ahead of pontiff’s visit

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CAPE MAY, N.J. – Tucked away in the hills of Italy are a group of Benedictine Monks.

Their philosophy to live by is " earn your own keep." Therefore, these fine men came up with the idea to brew beer - a task dating back to the early 1600s.

The beer they made has delivered to the Vatican and even sipped by Pope Benedict - who was caught on camera holding a pint glass of their beer.

In 2013 when Pope Benedict announced his retirement and the College of Cardinals gathered for the Conclave to select the next Pope, these monks delivered their beer to the Conclave.

So, it's not entirely far-fetched or crazy that in Cape May, New Jersey a different kind of white smoke has been brewing in recent weeks.

"It's called YOPO - all the kids are saying YOLO - you only live once, well you only Pope once" says Ryan Krill, President of the Cape May Brewery.

While it may sound funny, Krill and his partners have done their homework.

"The beer the Pope likes to drink is a very light beer," describes Krill. " So what we did was we brewed a very light pale ale and put an unholy amount of hops in there."

The beer takes about three weeks to make. Krill is Catholic himself and used his background to come up with a rather respectful name.

" We wanted something playful and fun, but also something respectful to the Catholic Institution," says Krill.

The beer will have a limited release since only one batch was produced, but the brewery is praying that Pope Francis will want to try the beer himself.

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