Extremely rare identical triplets born on Long Island

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MINEOLA, Long Island— Most parents think their babies are one in a million when they are born, but in the case of a rare set of triplets born on Long Island, they are literally just that.

Identical triplets Owen, Noah and Miles Fenley made their grand entrance into the world on July 1 weighing just under three pounds each.

According to Dr. Martin Chavez, Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine and the Fetal Surgery Program at Winthrop University Hospital, only 1 in 1,000,000 deliveries results in the birth of identical triplets.

“I always say, instead of hitting the money lottery, we hit the genetic lottery,” said dad Jason Fenley.  “Which is just as good.”

Last December mom, 33-year-old Kelli Fenley went to her ob/gyn and was informed she was having twins. She returned for a follow-up visit a week later, and was in shock when doctors confirmed she was actually having triplets.

Dr. Chavez and his team delivered the babies  more than two months early.

Kelli and her husband Jason already traded in their truck for a mini-van to accommodate the triplets and their older brother, 2-year-old Aidan.

Kelli’s sister and mother-in law have already offered to lend a helping hand.


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