Kanye West steals spotlight from designer Anne Bowen during New York Fashion Week

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NEW YORK -- Like many fashion designers, Anne Bowen has spent a good part of a year working tirelessly on her new collection, set to make its grand debut during New York Fashion Week.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do mostly all of my life,” Bowen told PIX11 News. “It felt like the right moment in time.”

As the seasoned designer inched closer to her big runway presentation – a slot that was locked in months in advance by Fashion Week officials and was set to happen this Wednesday – a man known to steal spotlights swooped in and did what he apparently does best.

Literally out of nowhere Kanye West announced plans to hold his own impromptu Fashion Week presentation, also on Wednesday, at the same time Bowen was to have hers.

To say it was a devastating blow to the designer would be an understatement.

“We saw models getting pulled and then we hear Vogue is canceling,” she said. “Its kinda like ka-boom, how do you compete with him?”

“Every celebrity, every editor, every global press outlet is going to want to be at that show whether they like him or not, it doesn’t matter,” she explained. “They want to know what he’s doing.”

A year worth of work for Bowen and her team was at risk of going unnoticed, all because the media magnet that is Kanye West wanted to have his moment – a recurring theme for the attention hungry artist.

“He doesn’t think but I don’t think its malice at all,” she said. “It’s him. He just wants to do what he wants to do when he does it and good for him.”

Despite having to reorganize several aspects of her show, moving it a day later in hopes her streetwear collection – a first for the designer – is not overshadowed, Bowen says she has no hard feelings. After all she’s getting plenty of press for the Kanye stunt

“As for Kanye and all the other people out there, I just want to say I hope you like what we do and good luck.”

As to whether or not she would welcome West to her show on Thursday, being presented at TAO Downtown, she said it’s a no-brainer.

“I would give him the biggest hug in the world,” she said.

For those who recall Kanye’s last fashion show, the critics panned it and were left far from impressed.

If history decides to repeat itself, Bowen may find herself pulling her own Kanye when it comes to bragging rights.

In a proclamation that landed itself in pop culture history when Kanye ambushed Taylor Swift on the VMA stage in 2009 – “Kanye imma let you finish but Anne Bowen had the better fashion show at NYFW.”

Guess the critics will determine that one.

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