Train re-railed but delays and limited service remain on G line

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BROOKLYN --MTA says the G train that derailed near the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station in Brooklyn has been re-railed Friday but warns delays and limited service will continue throughout the morning rush hour.

The incident happened at 10:34 p.m. Thursday when a southbound G train derailed about 700 feet from the Brooklyn station, according to the MTA. They said the front two wheels on the first car came off the track. MTA said approximately 150 passengers were on the train and have been evacuated.

FDNY said one customer complained of dizziness and two others were being evaluated at an area hospital for minor injuries.

Major work is needed to clear the tracks and necessary repairs will be ongoing throughout the morning and beyond, MTA said.

The MTA offered the following service alternatives for customers affected by the G train derailment:

There will be limited service between Bedford-Nostrand Avenues and Court Square. Riders looking for service into Manhattan can transfer for free between Broadway (G) and Lorimer (J/M/Z) stations.

There will be very limited G service between Bedford-Nostrand Avenues and Fulton Street, running in both directions on the Queens-bound track only. Expect crowding and delays. This shuttle service will be operating on the Queens-bound platforms at Bedford-Nostrand Avenues, Classon Avenue, Clinton-Washington Avenues, and Fulton Street. At Fulton Street, a free transfer will be available between the Fulton Steet (G) and Lafayette Avenue (C) stations; some A trains will also be stopping at Lafayette Avenue. If possible, please use the B38 bus on DeKalb Avenue (southbound) and Lafayette Avenue (northbound).

G service will remain suspended between Fulton Street and Church Avenue. Customers at these stations should take the F instead but expect crowding. If you usually board at stations between Bergen Street and Church Avenue and transfer between the G and A or C at Hoyt-Schermerhorn Steets you should transfer between the F and A or C at Jay St-MetroTech instead. Riders between Bergen Street and Church Avenue who normally take the G to stations from Fulton Street north should transfer between the F and C or Lefferts A at Jay St-MetroTech, and also transfer to/from the G shuttle train at Lafayette Av/Fulton Street.

Check the MTA website for the latest updates.