Passerby comes to the rescue after man crashes sea plane in Bayport

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(Google Maps)

Joseph Cannizaro tried taking off at the end of this road, over Great South Bay. (Google Maps)

BAYPORT, N.Y.   — A passerby came to the rescue after a small plane crashed into the water near Bayport shortly after taking off.

Police say Joseph Cannizzaro, 57, tried to take off in his sea plane at 6:45 a.m. from Gerritsen Avenue Tuesday when his pontoon and left wing caught water.

He didn’t get very high over Great South Bay when the plane crashed in the water, according to police.

Peter Williams saw the seaplane in water and took his boat to the sea plane. Williams tied up Cannizzaro’s plane before first responders arrived.

Shortly after, Marine Bureau officers arrived, finding Cannizzaro sitting on the crashed plane and brought him back to shore.

The officers towed the seaplane to a nearby beach next to Homans Creek. FAA also investigated the incident.

Cannizzaro refused medical attention, and has received his plane back from authorities.