VIDEO: MMA fighter Monique Bastos makes robber cry for ‘Daddy’

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ACAILANDIA, Brazil – An alleged robber thought he had an easy mark when he spotted an attractive woman walking alone — unfortunately for him, that woman was MMA fighter Monique Bastos.

“I was going to the academy to train (when) they arrived on motorcycle and took my cellphone,” Bastos told Globo news.  “I thought they were my friends, when I realized that they weren’t, I pulled over their motorcycle.”

While one of the bumbling pair escaped with Bastos’ cellphone, the other wasn’t so lucky.

The jiujitsu specialist took the man, identified as Wesley Araújo, to the ground, throwing him into a triangle choke that left the blubbering bandit begging onlookers to call the police, saying:

“Dad, Dad, I’m going to my dad! Help, Jesus!  It was the first time that I’ve ever done that, God.  It was the first time.  She’s choking me.  Where’s my mom?”

After swearing he didn’t take anything, video shows one of the people in the crowd taking his wallet and going through it to confirm.

When asked whether she was ever worried about engaging the two alleged criminals, Bastos said, “From the start, the two thieves showed what they had, and neither was armed.”

Bastos held Araújo for roughly 15 minutes until police arrived to arrest him.  The second thief has not yet been found.