Parents distraught after daughter’s roadside memorial removed, replaced with nasty note

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LONGSWAMP TWP, Pa. — Parents of a young woman who was killed in a car crash are distraught after her roadside memorial was removed and replaced by a nasty note.

According to WFMZ, Joan Dixon and her husband, Albert, of Longswamp Township, have maintained the memorial on the corner of Alburtis and Schoeneck roads in Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County, since 2007.

Their 21-year-old daughter, Alexandra, was fatally struck by an SUV driver as she rode on the back of a motorcycle.

On Sunday, they noticed the memorial, which included a cross posted over 12-feet high was gone.

“They took away everything,” Dixon said.

In its place was an unsigned note with the title, “YOU DO NOT OWN THIS SPACE.”

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The anonymous author goes on to detail how roadside memorials are “numerous,” “distracting,” and “dangerous.” “Those who place them believe that they retain possession and are effectively making a private claim to public property through adverse possession,” the note reads.

While the memorial has been vandalized in the past, the Dixons say this is the worst.

Not only does the memorial provide solace for the family, but the Dixons say it serves as a public safety reminder.

According to Benjamin Galiardo, the Lower Macungie Township codes enforcement officer, the memorial has never caused a site issue. He said the township doesn’t have any laws or ordinances that prohibit roadside memorials.

By Tuesday, the Dixons had already replaced the memorial.

“No matter what, the memorial will be there,” Albert said.