Here’s how you to add pops of color to your style

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Pops of color are all the trend this fall!  Gear up to paint the town red, blue, pink and purple- as lifestyle expert and BELLA NY editor, Pamela Pekerman shows how to add subtle pops of color into our beauty & style routine to kick-off the season on trend.

•    Bigen Vivid Shades Semi-Perm Hair Color ($4.99 at
•    Nonie Creme Colour Prevails Eye Makeup  ($8-19 at Walgreens)
•    Alicia Adams Alpaca Silk Wraps ($42 at
•    Old Navy Women's Faux-Suede Crossbodies ($24.94 at Old Navy)
•    Origami Owl Twist Watch & Wrap Bracelets($50 and up at
•    Red Carpet Manicure’s One-Step Starter Kit ($ 60 at
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