Baby girl born in back of Uber car near Lincoln Tunnel

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NEW YORK — This baby just couldn’t wait.

A 32-year-old mom in labor was forced to give birth in an Uber car just outside the Lincoln Tunnel, after rush hour traffic stalled her trip to the hospital.

“As soon as she got in the car she said, we’re having a baby,” Uber driver Erick Rodriguez said.

The mother’s water broke inside the Lincoln Tunnel, and Rodriguez called 911 around 5:15 p.m.

The mother, who lives in Hoboken, was trying to make it to St. Luke’s Hospital on the Upper West Side.

“The baby wanted to come out. She was having contractions every minute,” Rodriguez said.

Once Rodriguez saw light at the end of the tunnel, he hopped out to get help.

“The baby’s head began to show. So that’s when we knew we had to deliver at the scene,” explained Matthew Herzog, a responding EMT.

The driver flagged down EMTs and paramedics, telling them he had woman in labor who "couldn't wait."

“It all happened so fast actually. We were on the scene for five minutes and the baby came out,” said Christopher Maldonado, another EMT.

Officials delivered a healthy baby girl in just minutes.

Facing death everyday, first responders said they were grateful for the opportunity to welcome a new life.

“Mom was just very thankful afterwards," Herzog said. "No distress on her part. She did an awesome job. She really helped us out, just as much as we helped her. She was a great patient and she couldn’t have handled the situation better."

The mother did not wish to be interviewed by PIX11, but sources say that both mom and baby are doing fine.

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