NJ doctor accused of sexually assaulting employees, patient out on $20K bail

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NEW JERSEY -- A New Jersey doctor, accused of sexually assaulting a patient and three employees, is out on $20,000 bail.

According to the Bergen County Prosecutor's office, Dr. Raja Jagtiani was arrested Tuesday at his Dumont home.

Maria Zito, a longtime patient told PIX11 News he attacked her in March at the Bergenfield practice when she went to him for neck pain.

"I was basically the first one to report it," Zito said.

After the doctor looked at her neck, Zito said he attacked her.

"Before I knew it he had lifted my shirt up and pulled my breasts out, exposed them and just started groping my breasts," she said.

The prosecutor's office said three employees also allegedly had problems with the Dr. Jagtiani.

On July 25, one told officials he touched her breast and bit her cheek.

Zito said she feels relieved he was arrested.

"I feel vindicated. I feel like I was standing alone for so long and had to keep my mouth shut and I couldn't really talk about it. And just knowing that now everybody knows I was telling the truth because it was basically his word against mine," she said.

Jagtiani has been charged with five counts of criminal sexual contact, three counts of harassment by offensive touching and one count of simple assault.

The doctor's attorney, Aiden O'Connor, told PIX11 News Jagtiani denies the charges and he will vigorously defend him

The arraignment is set for September 2.