New workouts to spice up your gym routine

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Louis Coraggio has designed fitness programs for boldfaced names including Naomi Watts, Uma Thurman and Liev Schreiber.

He has designed a new fitness program, trampoLEAN, which blends cardio endurance, muscular toning and high intensity training with upbeat playlists to literally take your training experience to new heights. Workouts takes place daily/nightly at the Dany Studio in in NYC (305 W. 38th St.). Check the website, here.

Trampoline training has similar effects as running with out at the impact. It is the best detoxifying exercise due to the vertical acceleration and deceleration. Similarly to spinning it burns a high amount of calories but works more muscles. Studies have shown people burn between 10-15 calories per minute and the workout could improve energy, balance, coordination, focus, cardiovascular and lymphatic system. Even your vision could improve due to constant refocusing eye muscles when bouncing.

Muscle Groups:

trampoLEAN incorporates light hand weights, elastics and body weight exercises. With each bounce every muscle contracts. TrampoLEAN offers 8 classes that target different muscles:

Abs & Interval Training
Fat burning and Ab focused

Booty Sculpt: Legs & Butt
Lower body focus

Drenched BootCamp
Total body workout, performance based

Jump & Tone
Total Body, jump focused

Core Conditioning
Low back, pelvic muscles, abs, butt

Kickboxing + Barre
Lower body muscles and core

Sports Camp
Sports themed, cardio, drills

Cardio Dance
Cardio and total body

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