Driver charged with tampering with traffic cameras ‘knew’ he’d be arrested

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CENTEREACH, N.Y. -- The Long Island real estate agent who got busted by cops for posting Facebook videos demonstrating "how to" tamper with red-light cameras was back on Facebook Wednesday morning.


Stephen Ruth, 42, defended his actions, not long after he was released from the 6th Precinct in Selden.

"To all the people thinking 'why would he do that? Didn't he think he was going to get arrested?' Of course I knew I would be arrested," Ruth wrote. "I did it for the people who come back from war and get abused by these cameras. I did it because senior citizens are getting these, the same ones that went to war for us."

Ruth started posting the videos Aug. 21, using a selfie stick to record himself utilizing a painter's pole to push the face of the red-light cameras up toward the sky. He apparently was ticked off, after getting tickets near the Long Island Expressway service road at Hawkins Avenue and Ocean Avenue. These are the areas where he allegedly tampered with the cameras.

In Wednesday's Facebook rant, Ruth pointed out he was really annoyed "because every vehicle that you see with an out of state license plate is not receiving these tickets regardless of who they are. These same people live in our state and pay lower insurance rates because their cars are registered out of state under someone else's name."

Ruth's August 23rd video posting was viewed by more than 231,000 people as of Wednesday morning.

Ruth is seen boasting, after pushing the camera upwards -- away from the street -- that "All it took was a pair of balls and a painter's pole."

Ruth wore sunglasses in some of the videos, along with a shirt and tie, appearing very business-like.

"I'm going to show you how easy it is to take the power back," he said. After he messed with one of the cameras on August 23rd, he noted on video that he saved taxpayers $10,000 on that particular day.

Ruth's smiling mug shot is currently posted on his Facebook page and one person commented he should make it his profile picture now.

Ruth also announced on Facebook that his next court date is late October, on charges that include criminal tampering and obstruction of governmental administration.

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