How to save on back-to-school supplies

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With the back-to-school shopping season underway, teens, tweens and college kids alike are looking for all of the latest and greatest styles for the coolest brands while Mom and Dad try to manage the damage done to their wallets and try to get in and out of the mall as quickly as possible.

Rest easy, Andrea Woroch, a nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert dedicated to helping Americans learn how to live on less, will provide viewers at 8:15 a.m. with the secrets behind saving time and money this back-to-school season.

  1. Having an organized game plan is the best way to approach:
    • Take inventory at home and make a spreadsheet of the supplies you need, then compare deals and circulars online. This will help you make a shopping plan.
    • Research deals in advance: While making a shopping plan, review deals currently offered online to figure out the best place to shop -

2) If you're not one to shop in advance, you can still get last minute deals:
• Hold out for holidays to save more. Shop over Labor Day at Outlet Centers like The Mills at Jersey Gardens - located in Elizabeth, NJ - to save over 70%. Plus, you don`t have to pay sales tax on clothing or shoes at The Mills at Jersey Gardens, so always be on the lookout for areas that offer reduced or no sales tax. Great for saving on clothing and backpacks.

3) Stock up on penny deals:
• Stock up on penny deals for supplies from office suppliers from stores like Staples and Office Depot. BJs wholesale clubs is great for bulk crayons and construction paper, especially teachers.

4) You don't always have to go for new:
• Buy refurbished laptop or tablet to save 40 to 60%, sites like overstock sell refurbished gadgets.
• Consider used clothing to save up to 90% from compared to retail prices.

5) If you're pressed for time -- here's how to get in and out of malls:
• Pressed for time? Everyone is looking to get in and out quickly and easily. Download the mall app - for instance, The Mills at Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth, NJ has an app you can simply download to help plan your route and keep you on track while you are in the mall.