Meet the most photographed man on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor

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WALL STREET, Manhattan -- As people watch the numbers fluctuate dramatically on the New York stock exchange trading floor, one broker's facial expression is captured in majority of the photographs there.

"What's like your best one you like to do?  My personality is all over.  I'm not making this up....there improve.  On any given day I'm free styling," said  Peter Tuchman.

Peter Tuchman, who is sometimes called Einstein, has facial expressions that is captured in just about every picture taken on the floor. Google him and you'll see him there, his facial expression describing all the good and bad performing stock he sees.

"Giddy up," said Tuchman. That's his catch phrase he uses daily to send a vibe throughout the stock exchange floor.

Turban began his stock career in the mid-80s and became a floor broker shortly. He's not the only one who's emotions are captured on the floor, but there's something about his buzz that people can't stop watching.

"My guys love that energy that gets me involved," said Tuchman.

Tuchman has several major clients. Even with the market's down days, he still manages to a some money for investors.

"It's a job that I like its an adrenaline rush," said Tuchman.

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