Virginia police officer charged with murder 2 years after shooting an unarmed man

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FAIRFAX, Va. — A former Fairfax police officer turned himself in on Monday for shooting and killing an unarmed man at his home, almost two years after the incident happened.

Then-Officer Adam Torres was charged with second-degree murder for shooting John Geer in August 2013, according to the Fairfax Police Department. The police showed up to Geer’s home while he and Torres, who was a Fairfax police officer for eight years, were reportedly fighting outside the front entrance. The police talked to both of them for 30 minutes before Torres shot Geer, the department said.

Police on the scene said Geer had his hands raised before he was shot, but Torres contradicted his colleagues, saying the man’s hands were down, according to WJLA.

Bleeding from what would become a fatal gunshot wound, Geer ran into the home and locked the door, refusing medical attention, police said.

SWAT officers were called to the scene when Geer refused to let anyone inside. When officers finally entered the home, Geer was found dead.

After the incident, Torres was placed on administrative leave. In late July he was fired from his position, citing “a personal matter,” and on Monday Torres turned himself in and was indicted.

The Fairfax Police Department came under scrutiny by federal and local prosecutors before Torres turned himself, accusing the county of obstruction and refusing to turn over documents during the nearly two-year-long investigation.

Earlier this year, the county paid $3 million to settle a civil lawsuit with the Geer family when Torres was still working with the department.

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