Arnold Diaz helps out when East Hills car dealer drops the ball on a minor Jeep repair

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GREENVALE, N.Y. — John Koster, a Port Authority Police Officer, had been having problems with his 2010 Jeep Wrangler.

The check engine light was on and needed to be fixed so the car could pass inspection. He brought the Jeep in to the East Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership on Long Island.

That was on Thursday, June 18. He was told it would be ready by Monday, June 22. By the time he contacted PIX11 Investigates for help, it was almost seven weeks later and he was still waiting to get his Jeep back.

John says for the first two weeks, he heard nothing from the dealership, so he called the service department. He was told that East Hills Service was so busy, they had farmed his Jeep out to an independent garage called J.T’s, where it was being worked on.

John waited another week, then called J.T.’s and discovered his Jeep wasn’t there. He went to the East Hills dealership and found his car still there. It hadn’t been worked on at all.

Eventually it was taken to J.T’s, where John says it took another two weeks to find and fix the cause of the check engine light. The Jeep was then taken back to East Hills. John got a call that the car was ready to be picked up, but first the dealership wanted to take the Jeep for a test drive.

The next call John got was to break the bad news that during the test drive, the car was involved in an accident with a taxi cab. The Jeep was damaged on the right rear side and had to be taken to Lightning Auto Body, where it sat waiting for insurance adjusters to decide who was responsible for the damage.

John was told to contact his insurance company, but he declined since he had no involvement in the accident . The East Hills Service department said the accident was the fault of the taxi cab, but its insurance company, American Transit, was being slow in sending an adjuster.

After John contacted PIX11, we went with him to the East Hills dealership. Fortunately, the moment we left, John got a call saying the insurance adjustor for American Transit had just called and agreed to come take a look. He approved the repairs to John’s Jeep. It is now being worked on and should finally be ready next week, almost 9 weeks since he first dropped it off for what the thought would be a minor repair.

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