Long Island man given a second chance at life after stranger donates kidney

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NEW YORK — Just a few short months ago 65-year old Avram Gabay was a sick man, diagnosed with stage five kidney disease, which forced Avram to seek dialysis treatment for three hours a day, three days a week.  His doctors told him his only cure would be a kidney transplant.

Gabay's family, his three daughters and son fought hard and were on the phone and internet every single day to tirelessly search for potential donors and suddenly after two years, a miracle.

Jennifer Wolfe, of Porterdale, Georgia, a small town 45 minutes outside of Atlanta, was not only match for Avram but the reason why she was even willing to donate one of her organs to a complete stranger left the Gabay's speechless.

Wolfe said she's inspired by her hero, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her constant random acts of kindness.  For nearly two years Jennifer, through her Facebook group Luv-Rak, is trying to do the same.  From simple gestures of sending flowers to hospice workers and delivering banana bread to her local police and fire department to now donating her kidney to a man she never met until two months ago.

"I immediately fell in love with the Gabay family. They are my family," said Jennifer.

Avram Gabay received Jennifer Wolfe's kidney on June 3rd.  Since that day the two have texted nearly daily and speak every week.  Wolfe is even planning to visit the Gabay's in a few months.

"She's like my daughter.  I love her and she loves us and I can't wait to see her again," said Avram.