Kelly’s Kreations creates a crisis: Howard tries to help abandoned brides

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Here we go again. Another bridal crisis.

Back in June I settled a dispute over a wedding dress that hadn’t been delivered by Bensonhurst bridal shop Kelly’s Kreations. Now Kelly Sessa’s shop is closed. Padlocked. A sign says she was evicted. And word is just getting out to all the women who have ordered gowns from her. Gowns they’ve paid for and likely will never receive.

One of them is Stephanie Leone. Her mother paid almost $3,000 for the gown and there is no gown.

“I’m more numb than upset,” Stephanie told me. “I was in complete disbelief that this is happening! It wasn’t even an emotion. It was like, oh, now what?”

Stephanie saw my previous story on the web and emailed me. So I went looking for Kelly Sessa again. With the shop closed, I went to Kelly’s house. I spoke with her mother, left my card and told her to have Kelly call me. So far, not a word.

Stephanie is lucky. Her wedding is in just eight weeks and a nearby shop, Lotus Bridal, is going to get the job done. But what about all the other future brides out there and their bridesmaids, too? We received emails from half dozen of them before we even put Stephanie’s story out there. Imagine how many more there must be.

What a mess!