Celebrity chef Sandra Lee leaves hospital after surgery

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WEST SIDE, Manhattan — Celebrity chef Sandra Lee gave photographers a thumbs up as she left Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital Wednesday afternoon.

Lee underwent surgery Tuesday after having complications from a double mastectomy for breast cancer.

A photo of Lee smiling in a hospital gown was posted to her Facebook hours before she was released.

"We visited Sandra in the hospital this morning and we're happy to share she seems to be back to herself -rearranging flowers on the table, cleaning countertops and organizing seating for her visitors," the post said.

Lee left the hospital with her longtime partner Governor Andrew Cuomo.

"She's anxious to get home and everything went well, so it's all good," Cuomo said as they got into the car.

She will recover at the home she shares in Westchester with Cuomo where she will have steady nursing care for weeks to ward off infection.