Suffolk County mom and daughter win $7M in lottery

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SELDEN, N.Y. — A mother-daughter duo who have been buying lottery tickets together for years have finally hit it big.

Marilyn Looney, 82, and her daughter, Carol Prevete, 50, won $7,000,000 on a Golden Ticket scratch-off game in Selden last month.

“We’ve been pooling our money to buy Lottery tickets for years now," Prevete explained. "We always split whatever prize we win."

They did just that when Looney decided to buy some tickets before her hair appointment. She stopped by Mili Cards & Smoke shop but "didn’t scratch it. I just scanned it, but the sun glare on the screen made it hard to read so I gave it to the clerk to check. He re-scanned it and jumped five feet in the air. He was very excited for me.”

Because they frequently win on scratch-offs, Prevete was unimpressed before realizing the amount she had won. “The most we ever shared before this was somewhere around $20,000 to $29,000,” she said.

The pair opted to receive one payment, splitting the winnings 50/50. They each received $3,500,000 (net $2,316,300).

Looney wants to use half the money to buy a home to share with her daughter and her family.  Prevete, a bookkeeper who lives with her husband and four children, wants to pay off her mortgage and be "debt free."