Prisoners brutally interrogated on the night of daring inmate escape: report

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DANNEMORA, N.Y.— Prison guards cracked down on inmates on the night of Richard Matt and David Sweat’s escape, a shocking report from the New York Times reveals.

Matt and Sweat gained national attention after they fled the Clinton Correctional Facility and were missing for over three weeks.

On the night that they fled, prisoners who knew the duo went under intense scrutiny and reported to the Times that they were  “beaten while handcuffed, choked, and slammed against cell bars and walls.”

Guards allegedly interrogated dozens of inmates who were all residing in the unit — called the “honor block” — where Sweat and Matt were housed.

According to the Times, more than 60 prisoners have filed complaints with Prisoners’ Legal Services.

Read the full report on the New York Times website.