91-year-old retired surgeon charged with smuggling soap laced with cocaine

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SYDNEY — A 91-year-old retired surgeon may face life in prison after he was arrested for bringing 27 packages of soap laced with cocaine from New Delhi to Australia. He was allegedly tricked into the cocaine scheme.

Victor Twartz, of Sydney, was convicted for importing 10 pounds of cocaine into Sydney Airport on July 8, according to NBC New York. He was released on bail.

Twartz was allegedly scammed by a group of people from New Delhi he had been talking to online before his trip. When he was about to board his flight to Sydney, they handed him a suitcase and said it was gifts for family friends in Australia.

Police searched his suitcase where they found the soap packages that tested positive for cocaine, said police. His family told the police about email exchanges between them, but he decided to still fly to Sydney.

When he left court on Tuesday, a reporter asked him if he was taken advantage of. He said, “Always, always.”

Twartz is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 6.