Target to remove gender-based signs in some departments

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Target announced Friday that they are doing away with gender-based signs in some of its departments, in a response to backlash from customers over distinguishing toys for girls and boys.

Do boys really need to be told they should steer clear of dolls and does an adult buying a toy for a girl need to be told trucks and dinos aren't for her? Target is saying, 'We got the message' to their shoppers and are making some changes.

They're vowing to strip out any type of gender labels, or bias, from their stores. You'll still see signs for girls' and boys' clothes, but no more in the toys, bedding and entertainment areas, where the retailer says customers have pointed out that's just not needed.

Over the next few months across the nation they promise to pull any color-based labeling as well, saying pink and blue backgrounds in those departments will go--realizing that it's insensitive to customers' preferences.

We asked Target customers in Brooklyn what they thought of the move and they had mixed responses.

We spoke with a mother from Ft. Greene Katrina Banks who at first felt this was going to far.

“It should be gender based labeling. There should be a difference, yes.”

But when pressed about taking into account some children's different gender associations, she softened her position saying,

“Well, it’s kinda tricky, in that sense, yes.”

Nadine Jackson of Dix Hills said, “You should do something to make that kid feel more comfortable, in that place."

Target put out a statement on its website saying in part, "... guests have raised important questions about signs in our stores based on gender. In some cases like apparel where there are fit and sizing differences, it makes sense. In others it may not. In departments like toys home or entertainment, suggesting products by gender is unnecessary."

But many customers are sounding off on line, calling out the move as 'ridiculous.'

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