Queens residents frustrated as raccoons take over neighborhood

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BAYSIDE, Queens — This summer many Northern Queens residents are living with raccoons in their community that appear to feel comfortable roaming the streets in broad daylight.

Matt Ringler said 11 raccoons recently showed up at his parents’ backdoor in Bayside.

Little Neck Resident Joe Heslin described the raccoon population, “to say that there are 1,000 in this neighborhood would be underestimating it.”

Heslin told PIX11, “I’ve looked out the window and the mother’s been looking out the driveway and 3 or 4 little pups would be chewing my garbage and she’d look at me, I’d look at her, and the kids would keep chowing down, so they’re not afraid.”

“They’re not like other animals that see humans and run the other way, they can be very vicious,” said State Senator Tony Avella.

The raging raccoons in Queens are just one of the latest wildlife sightings this summer in New York City. Monday morning officers from the 110th Precinct were on the lookout for an alligator spotted in Flushing Meadows Park.

Last month NYPD officers captured a 3-foot alligator in Inwood, and in Bedford-Stuyvesant officers seized an alligator and 9 exotic snakes after raiding an apartment.