Massive sinkhole swallows Sunset Park intersection

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SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn -- Just look at how huge this sinkhole is -- it's taking most of the pavement in the roadway, but leaving the sidewalk behind.

Police blocked off the intersection of Fifth Avenue at 64th Street in Sunset Park as this massive sinkhole opened up around 7:30 this morning.

"We found a hole, 20 feet wide, 20 feet deep, no injuries, " Deputy Chief FDNY Peter Leicht said. "It appears to be some sort of water leak."

National grid, The Office of Emergency Management, Police, and FDNY are all here on the scene.

If you look deep inside the sinkhole, you can see at least one disconnected pipe.

The water lines to two full blocks of businesses and residences were shut off just before noon. Imagine trying to run the Wash Club laundromat without any water:

"Yes ma'am, it's difficult," Aaron Burdette, Wash Club general manager, said, "it will be eight hours at least so we are hoping we will have water by midnight."

Several business owners showed PIX 11 surveillance video of the sinkhole as it slowly collapsed into the infrastructure. It isn't clear what caused the sinkhole or whether there was any negligence in maintaining the street that led to the collapse.

And some business owners are still shaken by what they saw.

"It's an old area, prehistoric in a way," Frank Bauman, a businessman said. "And Mother Nature didn't help."

Earlier, there were delays on the N subway line because of the sinkhole, but MTA says those delays have all cleared.