Cory Cares: Teen’s nonprofit helps provide food for people in need

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He's a teenager on a mission to feed the hungry on Long Island.
Fourteen year old Cory Nichols is hard at work to accomplish his goals.

"I didn't think there was a hunger problem and then I went to talk to the food pantry and they told me there are 179 families using the pantry every month," says Nichols.

Let's start from the beginning.
For Cory's Bar Mitzvah project, a project meant to give back to the community, he wanted to raise twelve-hundred dollars to stock the shelves of a local food pantry for 12 months. So, he began to fundraise and slowly he reached his mark, but the money kept coming in.

Three years later, his small project has turned into his own non-profit organization called "C the Difference: Cory Cares."

"In three years, I have raised almost 29,000 dollars.  I got far past my goal and decided to keep on going," says Cory.

The group began in one food pantry doing 100 dollars a month, an now are in five pantries across the island.

Every month - Cory grabs a group of teens and heads to Stop-N-Shop with money he's raised.   He sets a target goal to spend and buys whatever food the pantries need.    When we shot this story, his goal was to spend $250.
Little did Cory know, PIX11 had asked Stop-N-Shop to help out.

When Cory went to pay his bill - the store not only paid the bill, but gave Cory an extra fifty-dollars for his next shopping trip.

After the shopping trip, the teens then pack the car and head to Oceanside Community Services food pantry to unload their food. Cory never actually gets to meet those he helps since families often remain anonymous, but he has fed thousands of mouths over the years.

Bob Transom runs the Oceanside pantry which feeds seventy families a month.

"I never saw anything like this," says Transom.  " When I sat this I said, well he seems a little young to get all this food, it's unheard of.   I don't know of any other young man doing anything like this."

Cory has no plans on stopping anytime soon and hopes to recruit a younger generation to help out

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