Balloon released at father’s grave returns back home

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CEMENT, Okla. — An Oklahoma widow and her daughter released balloons and a message at the grave of their husband and father, and received an unexpected message in return.

Widow Sandy Seibold and daughter Saige, 13,  visited the grave of their husband and father Johnny, on their first father’s day without him, to release a bunch of balloons with a message, KFOR said.

Johnny was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September and died later that year in May.

“We thought the idea of sending balloons to heaven sounded good,” Sandy told KFOR.

The hand written note they released along with the balloons asked the finder to please contact them if found.

When they first released the balloons the ribbons tying them together got caught in a power line.

Sandy prayed that the balloons would fly for her daughters sake. Then the wind caught them and blew them away, KFOR said.

A few hours later Sandy and Saige returned back home, 25 miles from the cemetery.

Saige then found something tangled in a fence in the pasture where she and her father often worked together— it was the message to her dad.

“I think I started crying,” Sandy said. “It felt like a message from him.”

They are both still grieving but say that it has given them a “lot of peace” and and they feel as if he is finally free.

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