Video shows driver pull out gun during NJ road rage encounter

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PASSAIC, N.J. — When it rains, the roads get messy, and when the roads get messy, tempers can flare. That's what happened in New Jersey when an angry driver pulled out a gun.

After a taunting game of cat and mouse, the driver of a white SUV brandished the weapon. It all started on a rainy commute home from work.

A security guard for the federal government exited Route 21 and onto River Road in Passaic. His car was equipped with his own personal dash cam.

Trying to be courteous, he let a truck turn into a car dealership.

Apparently, that was not appreciated by the motorist behind him. Video shows the driver of a white Mitsubishi SUV swerved into oncoming traffic to get around the security guard then repeatedly slammed the brakes, nearly causing a crash.

The stop-and-go temper tantrum continued over the border into Wallington, where the driver ultimately aimed a handgun at the driver with the dash cam car.

The good news is, that dash cam also captured the dangerous driver's license plate, leading Wallington Police to Vincent Buono, 24, of Passaic. When investigators made the arrest, they discovered the gun was a fake. It's a toy pellet gun, which looks and feels like the real thing.

Even though the gun was a fake, police filed a very real weapons charge against Buono, along with aggravated assault. He has since posted bail and is due to go before a judge.

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