Report released on NYPD’s body camera pilot program

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NEW YORK — A pilot program to equip NYPD officers with body cameras has raised a wide range of questions about how to best monitor police and community interactions, according to a report released Thursday.

"The NYPD can't expand on this pilot program until they get it right," Philip Eure, NYPD Inspector General said.

Eure's review of the NYPD's program includes 54 officers in six high-crime precincts and comes as cities across the country grapple with how to legally and practically implement, store, access and eventually purge thousands of hours of footage.

Eure said the pilot must be tweaked in order to be effective. The 44-page report found flaws in when the cameras should be turned on and when turned off, along with at least dozen other issues.

The NYPD has 90 days to respond to the report .

Police union head Pat Lynch on Friday released this statement:

“Many serious concerns about the use of body cameras have been raised on both sides of the issue. Before any decision is made about their implementation in this City, the issue needs to be extensively studied. Cameras should not become another vehicle to make the job of policing any more difficult.”

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