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New Dr. Seuss book ‘What Pet Should I Get’ hits bookshelves

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NEW YORK — For years Dr. Seuss has taught many to read, with his books about a cat and eggs that are green.

And now a new discovery for all to behold. Although it is new it was written a long time ago.

“What Pet Should I Get” was found by his wife, sifting through paperwork as one does sometimes in life.

“We just thought wow how can we not be excited,” said Linda Clawson, Director of Special Collections at UCSD, who was among the first to see the modern day artifacts.

“I think when they first found the material they were not sure what it was,” she said. “You know, they weren’t going through it page by page because it was a lot of material and it was exciting for her also.”

The book is on something we all can understand. A dog, No, a cat! I need some help – aw man.

The story features two you might remember — the siblings from another Dr. Seuss adventure.

Truth be told, don’t ever throw out junk. You’ll never know what you’ll find. Could be a slam dunk.

Like this brand new read that has everyone a buzz. Due to some spring cleaning, all just because.

“We’re crazy about his work, as so many people are,” said one admirer. “It’s just very exciting to celebrate a new title from him.”

“More Seuss is better.”