Police find 1,200 guns in home after discovering dead man in car nearby

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PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. — Police found more than a thousand guns and several tons of ammunition inside the home where a man was found dead in his car Friday afternoon.

According to KTLA, when officers responded to call on Palisades Drive, they found a body in a parked car. The Robbery-Homicide Division got a warrant to search  the house the dead man was parked in front of. Officials at the Los Angeles Police Department report that the man lived on that street.

Authorities found 1,200 guns found inside the Pacific Palisades house, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and more than 2 tons of ammunition. Neighbors said a couple lived at the house.

The LAPD bomb squad was sent to the home and on Saturday, they ordered an evacuation for surrounding homes for almost 12 hours.

“The fact that they were so secretive naturally aroused the interests and suspicions of those of use who observed what was going on,” neighbor Ed Grastorf told KTLA. “They really hid quite effectively the fact that they had armaments in the house.”