Intruder hides under bed in New Jersey home for 3 days: police

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Intruder camps out under bed in New Jersey home for 3 days

A man broke into a New Jersey home and stayed under a bed in a spare bedroom for three days before he was found, police said. (Photo Credit: Middlesex County Police)

MIDDLESEX COUNTY, N.J. — Residents in New Jersey made a terrifying discovery when they found a man had snuck into their home and hid under a bed in their spare bedroom for three days, police said.

Authorities said the suspected intruder, Jason Hubbard, entered the home through an open door while the homeowner was taking out the garbage. Hubbard found a spare bedroom where he camped out and began charging his four cellphones utilizing an electric outlet under the bed.

Hubbard remained living under the bed until the homeowner heard a noise in the spare bedroom on May 10 and found that it was coming from Hubbard and the homeowner immediately called police. Officers responded to the home on Ellenel Boulevard and placed Hubbard under arrest for Criminal Trespass.

Hubbard was charged with burglary and theft of services for the use of the homes’ electrical outlet.  He was taken to Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center and is being held for a $50,000.00 bail.